Merry Meet, my Magickal Ones.

I never began actively incorporating meditation into my daily practice until quite recently if I’m being completely honest. I always believed that there was no way I could completely shut my brain off & dedicate myself to sitting & breathing for 20+ minutes. On top of that, I never believed that I really needed it, you know?

Do you need to meditate to be a witch?
No, you absolutely do not.

Because meditation and witchcraft carry two different goals, they aren’t necessarily related.

Let’s be real, witches back in the 15th century certainly didn’t do it, & they worked their practice perfectly fine. 

Meditation is about training the mind in order to lessen the effects of anxiety, stress, & depression while improving your focus, increasing your calm, as well as your empathy & general well-being. With that being said, if you plan to begin meditation, it may be a good idea to pinpoint exactly why.

Are you hoping to relieve some anxiety?
Be more focused?
Calm yourself from the day you experienced?
Think about it... how do you want it to change you?

Speaking of change, let’s veer off and talk about magick real quick. What is magick? Magick is to change something, right? Change is inevitable, sure! However, when you use your will & intention, you focus your energy on something specific, you are doing magick. So, when you meditate, you change something about your mind.

You’re doing magick.

Here are a few simple meditation tips to get you started in creating your own specific routine!

  1. Your Mind :

The whole ‘calm your mind’ thing? Oof. Let’s not go there, because sometimes it’s impossible. Instead, appreciate the sensations your body may be feeling as you begin your breath work. When your mind does start to flutter off, instead of trying to turn them off, simply recognize where your mind is going. Find a way to bring your attention back into your breath by counting, or maybe reciting a phrase in your mind.

  1. Your Position :

How do you sit? Where do you sit? What do you do with your hands? The simple answer? Whatever makes you most comfortable. Sit in a chair with your feet touching the ground. Or cross legged on the floor. Place your hands lightly on your thighs/knees. Or let them rest in your lap. Seriously, though. There is no right way to position yourself.

  1. Time :

It’s not about the length of time you sit there, its about how long you need to lift whatever weight you’re trying to get off your shoulders. Whether it’s five minutes or thirty. How long to you need until you feel lighter?

  1. Your Breath :

Imagine you have a balloon in your chest. As you breathe in, imagine that balloon filling up, ready to burst... and then being completely empty when you let that breath go. After repeating that process a few times, you will likely begin doing this naturally without the visualization.

  1. Music :

There is no right or wrong music to listen to while you sit quietly. Do you feel more calm when listening to a rain storm? What about specific guided meditation tracks? Hell, listen to some folk music if that’s what helps you forget your troubles!

Start small.

There’s no reason to jump right into a 20 minute guided meditation on your first go. Set aside 5 minutes of peace & quiet. Continue to set aside that time routinely, & slowly start increasing your time until you find a groove that world best for you.

& just remember this…

You are in control of your mind.

Until next time! 🌙

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