A Witches Birthday

A Witches Birthday

Merry Meet, Magickal Ones!

Today, on a special edition of the Luna Letters, I wanted to talk about birthdays – specifically celebrating birthdays as a witch.

Now, let’s start with how our birthdays are typically celebrated when we’re children. There’s a party that is planned, people are invited, food is prepared, gifts are bought & wrapped, & we all get together to commemorate that you’re a year older. Of course, as you grow older, these gatherings could change, right? Take the day you become legally able to drink, for example. A party could still ensue, but it could also come in the form of what a lot of us know as a “bar crawl”. However, the theme of these gatherings still remains the same ; you are celebrating another year of your life.

To some of us… it’s just another day. 

To me? It still marks a day of celebration. My essence has now lived on this Earth, in this body for 31 trips around the Sun. It is my anniversary of my arrival into this world. & My Mother, bless her soul, will ensure that she wishes me a “Happy Day of Birth” at my exact minute of birth every year. 

I am a child of Spring. I was born in late April, during the height of the rainy season here in the mountains. 95% of the time, it will be raining on my birthday. But upon waking from slumber on these days, the Earth & her creatures will be singing as the Sun rises in the sky. So, I will make my best effort to rise with the Sun as well. I washed my face, & began brewing a pot of extra bold coffee as I stood in front of the windows & stretched my body out against the rays of the Sun. Never being much of a breakfast person, I tend to just grab something small, such as a bagel to nourish my body. I prepared my cup of coffee (stirring with intention), munched on my bagel & sat in silence as I allowed my body to fully wake up for the day. 

On this day, I spent it with my Viking, his sister & her husband. His sister – who I consider my sister – is an incredibly talented freelance makeup artist, as well as a Witchling, & I requested that she create a look for me. She, of course, did not disappoint. Little does she realize, she performs Glamor Magick on everyone she works with. She is very skilled at incorporating color magick into any look she creates, as well as a fierce sense of self-confidence. Thanks to her, she completely set the vibe & energy for the rest of the day.

Now, the remainder of my 31st trip around the Sun wasn’t particularly an eventful one, but it was an enjoyable one. We rode around in the Jeep with the top off, hit a local metaphysical shop, went to dinner, shopped around a bit, visited the arcade, & ended it off with some not-traditional sweets in the form of a smoothie. Needless to say, I closed my eyes that night thoroughly blessed. & might I just say… 31 suits me very well. I am one year closer to being the Mountain Forest Crone I’ve always dreamt of being. 🔮

Quick History lesson!

The Romans held onto the Greek belief that everybody had a protective spirit or daemon that was present at his or her physical birth and kept watch over them throughout their life. According to The Lore of Birthdays (New York, 1952), these spirits “had a mystic relation with the God on whose birthday the individual was born,”.

Authors Ralph and Adelin Linton further explain,“Originally the idea [of birthday greetings and wishes for happiness] was rooted in magic. The working of spells for good and evil is the chief usage of witchcraft. One is especially susceptible to such spells on his birthday, as one’s personal spirits are about at that time. Birthday greetings have power for good or ill because one is closer to the spirit world on this day. Good wishes bring good fortune, but the reverse is also true, so one should avoid enemies on one’s birthday and be surrounded only by well-wishers. ‘Happy birthday’ and ‘Many happy returns of the day’ are the traditional greetings”

Like many other pagan cultures, the Ancient Greeks believed that significant days, such as those involving major change, saw both good and evil spirits appear to communicate with the Gods. People would burn candles on these days for protection and to ward off the evil spirits, believing they had magickal properties and representing light in the darkness. The flames of the candles were also used to send prayers to the Gods, blowing them out after the wish had been sent.

As well as lighting candles, loved ones would offer cheerful greetings and good wishes to the birthday person, and music and singing was encouraged to deter any unwanted spirits.

With that out of the way, let’s get into ways you can celebrate your birthday as a witch!

  • Forgot your New Year’s Resolution? Have no fear! Use your birthday as a new start date for your resolution. Write down the things you wish to accomplish during this coming year.
  • Birthday wishes? Nah. Those are blessings! Look at it this way… each person isn’t JUST wishing you a happy birthday, but they are literally telling you the day is happier because you were born today.
  • Enchant your birthday candles! Good luck, love, money, protection, whatever.
  • Clean your place before a gathering. No, seriously. Cleanse it–get rid of old energies. Beef up your wards. You’ll be bringing in new things if you accept gifts so it might be necessary. Do the same for the gifts when you get the chance. 
  • Make your own birthday dessert with intention – fold a spell or two into the creation of it!  A cake, cookies, ice cream, pudding, pie, muffins, whatever.
  • Make yourself some special breakfast or lunch too while you’re at it!
  • Going out? Glamor yourself to the 9’s! The easiest way is to enchant some water and draw sigils, symbols, or write a spell into clothing, hair, skin, shoes, etc.
  • Spend time on yourself. Pamper yourself! Use all that bath stuff you buy and never seem to get a chance to use!
  • Light your candles & thank your guides for their love & support through this past year.
  • Turn that music UP! Find your go-to “feel good” playlist & dance your ass off.
  • Time to burn some shit. It’s time to clear out all the psycho-spiritual crap that’s high-jacking your consciousness. Write a list of the behaviors, relationships, dynamics, & negative patterns you’d like to release as you move into your new year. Light it in fire!

Wishing all our Magickal Ones the happiest of trips around the Sun! 🌙

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Photographer: Kenzie Cole Creations
“Witch in the Woods"
Published : May 5, 2020
Found on Flickr!

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