Welcome to Luna Nata!

When it comes to magick, the secret ingredient is you !

Luna Nata is a haven for all things metaphysical. This is the product of two sisters - not ones of blood, but of soul. When Dani & Ilex first concocted this crazy dream, they had fully closed the door to the broom closet, threw away the key & chose to share themselves unapologetically with this world. After many years of fiery fortitude, that dream finally came to fruition.

We are those who understand that there is no "one-size fits all" approach to magick. We strive to provide high quality information, products, tools, & services for your spiritual growth & development.

Luna Nata is not just a shop. We are a Collective – a family. We are here to offer the sanctuary & guidance you need to move towards empowerment & wholeness - where you can truly find yourself. Whether you are a new Witchling, or a Hereditary Elder… we are here to welcome you home.

"Becoming a witch isn't something we acquire. The witch is already within us. It is someone we become ready & willing to embrace. Someone we realize we already are." - Dacha Avelin

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