Astrology 101

Astrology 101

Merry Meet, Magickal Ones! 💙

This is an incredibly vast topic, & I know I won’t even begin to scratch the surface of it all. But, here we go.

Buckle in, y’all. This is going to be a long one.

So, astrology. We’ve all read our horoscope at one point or another, right? There are apps for them, they’re printed in newspapers, magazines, & you can find them anywhere online. But the horoscopes you’re reading are probably only for your Sun Sign.

Sun Sign?
What does that mean?

For those of you who don’t know, when we are born, we aren’t born under one specific astrological identity. Think about it. Have you ever had one of those moments while reading about your sign & just say to yourself, “This just doesn’t describe me at all.” Bits & pieces, sure. But as a whole, our Sun Signs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our entire personality.

We all have something called ‘The Big Three’, which are your Sun Sign, your Moon Sign, & your Rising Sign. These three signs will most likely be how you break down the key points of your personality. By looking up your Birth Chart Report online, you’re able to get the full insight on what really makes you you

*Note: In order to obtain your FULL Natal Chart, you will need to know the exact time you were born as well as the city you were born into. Be sure to ask your parent/guardian for this information! Still unsure? Give the hospital you were born at a call & request this information!*

Before diving into the planets & the houses they could reside in, I would first like to explore the basics of the 12 constellations in our sky that make up our Sun Sign zodiac.

Aries ♈ :

  • The Ram
  • Dates: March 21st-April 20th
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruled By: Mars
  • Leaders & pioneers
  • Enjoy responsibility
  • Happiest when managing & organizing others
  • Magnetic & outgoing
  • Can inspire others into action
  • Courageous
  • Prepared to take calculated risks
  • Fight for what they believe in
  • Need to keep busy
  • Happiest when working for themselves
  • Curious & interested in everything going on around them
  • Quick-witted
  • Can be impatient
  • Enjoy talking & being involved in social activities
  • They make warm & lively friends

Taurus ♉ :

  • The Bull
  • Dates: April 21st-May 21st
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruled By: Venus
  • Practical, patient, & persistent
  • Determined & driven
  • Cautious & thinks things through before acting
  • May appear stubborn
  • Like to do things their own way
  • Can be extremely generous, but keep something in reserve
  • Security is important to them
  • Skilled at managing financial affairs
  • Love beautiful things & good quality
  • Works best in harmonious settings
  • Can be inflexible & unforgiving due to their stubbornness

Gemini ♊ :

  • The Twins
  • Dates: May 22nd-June 21st
  • Element: Air
  • Ruled By: Mercury
  • Ingenious
  • Versatile & highly creative & often artistic
  • Restless & quick thinking
  • Love meeting new people
  • Unquenchable thirst for knowledge
  • Good with words & are big talkers
  • Enjoy occupations where they use their voices in some way
  • Enjoy mental stimulation
  • Easygoing & get along with most everyone
  • Tend to possess a great deal of nervous energy

Cancer ♋ :

  • The Crab
  • Dates: June 22nd-July22nd
  • Element: Water
  • Ruled By: Moon
  • Romantic & charming
  • Emotional & ruled largely by their emotions
  • Imaginative
  • Highly sensitive & easily hurt
  • Are able to fight back when pushed into a corner
  • Incredibly tenacious
  • Love the security of home & facility
  • Make extremely good parents
  • Can be self-indulgent & spend money freely
  • Highly intuitive, have potential to develop considerable psychic ability

Leo ♌ :

  • The Lion
  • Dates: July 23rd-August 22nd
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruled By: Sun
  • Ambitious & confident
  • Determined with open & friendly natures
  • Born leaders
  • Gravitate to positions where leadership potential can be utilized
  • Open, honest, & enthusiastic about their life
  • Generally happy & want those around them to be happy as well
  • They generally get where they want to go
  • Their overconfidence can cause delays & problems along the way
  • Pride is very important
  • Hate being ridiculed or demeaned
  • Susceptible to flattery, but needs to learn to control it
  • They can exaggerate or distort the truth at times, they like to weave a good story

Virgo ♍ :

  • The Virgin
  • Dates: August 23rd-September 23rd
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruled By: Mercury
  • Modest, down to Earth, & very matter of fact
  • Shrewd outlook on life
  • Intelligent & outspoken
  • Cautious
  • Conforming, respectable, & tidy
  • Enjoy doing detailed & precise work
  • Can access people quickly
  • Hard to get close to them until they’re ready
  • Once they let you in, they make great friends
  • Constantly aim for perfection as they set high standards for themselves
  • Sometimes pays excessive attention to details
  • Generally prefer working behind the scenes
  • Enjoy the inner satisfaction of a job well done

Libra ♎ :

  • The Scales
  • Dates: September 24th-October 22nd
  • Element: Air
  • Ruled By: Venus
  • Harmonious & well balanced
  • Tendency to be indecisive
  • They are good talkers, but prefer to avoid arguments & confrontations
  • Honest & sincere, expect others to be the same way
  • They feel their emotions deeply
  • Very involved in the lives of the people they care about
  • They love beautiful things
  • They find it hard to make decisions
  • However, when a decision has been made, they follow through with great determination
  • They have a strong sense of justice & fair play

Scorpio ♏ :

  • The Scorpion
  • Dates: October 23rd-November 21st
  • Element: Water
  • Ruled By: Mars
  • Forceful & determined
  • Have enormous powers of concentration
  • They’re secretive & never reveal their true nature to anyone
  • They’re intuitive, & have great insight to how other people work
  • Individualistic
  • Prepared to take risks when they are carefully calculated
  • They watch & wait for opportunities
  • Usually know what it is that they want

Sagittarius ♐ :

  • The Centaur
  • Dates: November 22nd-December 22nd
  • Element: Fire
  • Ruled By: Jupiter
  • Open & optimistic
  • Naturally enthusiastic with a zest for life
  • Honest & loyal
  • Can be outspoken & tactless at times
  • Independence is important to them as they have a need for space
  • Enjoys being outdoors
  • Has a tendency to try too many things at one time
  • Enjoy learning, but on their own terms, because of this, classroom settings hinder them
  • Possess great foresight & vision, tend to have a strong life philosophy

Capricorn ♑ :

  • The Goat
  • Dates: December 23rd-January 20th
  • Element: Earth
  • Ruled By: Saturn
  • Solid, practical & hardworking
  • Serious approach to life
  • Slow & steady
  • Cautious & logical
  • Very ambitious
  • Conservative & likes to work out everything before acting
  • Careful with their money & only uses it for specific reasons
  • Hard to express their emotions
  • Can be extremely romantic with the right partner
  • Enjoy family life & make great parents

Aquarius ♒ :

  • The Water Carrier
  • Dates: January 21st-February 19th
  • Element: Air
  • Ruled By: Uranus
  • Sympathetic & happiest when helping others
  • Broad-minded & altruistic
  • Incredibly accepting of people & their idiosyncrasies
  • Unconventional & radical in their ideas
  • Completely lacking in prejudice
  • Inclined to be independent
  • Intellectual & inventive
  • Constantly looking to the future to turn their dreams into reality
  • Long lasting friend
  • Seek the truth of life
  • Logical & intuitive

Pisces ♓ :

  • The Fish
  • Dates: February 20th-March 20th
  • Element: Water
  • Ruled By: Neptune
  • Gentle & thoughtful
  • Imaginative & creative
  • Philanthropic
  • Can be vague & indecisive at times
  • Generally popular
  • Sensitive & easily hurt, this leads to disappointments & emotional crises
  • Need encouragement
  • Intuitive, receptive, & sympathetic
  • Good judges of character
  • The suffer in silence type
  • Very compassionate & loves to help others

The Planets :

The Sun : This tells us the general themes in your life. It’s your basic identity, & is often referred to as our ‘true self’.
The Moon : This is all about your inner-self & your emotions. While the sun rules the head, your moon rules the heart.
The Rising/Ascendant : This is, in my opinion, the most important part of your entire chart. This is how the world sees you, & is often referred to as your ‘mask’.
Mercury : This is about how you communicate. Openly? Hesitantly? Or maybe even Shyly?
Venus : This is about how you love, & what you love. So, are you a hopeless romantic? Or are you slightly standoffish?
Mars : This is all about actions & conflict that come out regarding your career, sex life & how you express anger.
Jupiter : This is about luck, knowledge, & learning. How do you relate to the world? How do you invest in knowledge? This also includes your spiritual beliefs.
Saturn : This is about boundaries & how you respond to situations that are beyond your control.
Uranus : This is about change & how you deal with it.
Neptune : This is about your dreams, ambitions & how you get to where you want.
Pluto : This is all about power. How you use it, harness it, & how much of it you even want. Are you a leader? Or are you a follower?

Houses :

First House 1️⃣ : Self Image
Second House 2️⃣ : Money
Third House 3️⃣ : Platonic relationships & surroundings
Fourth House 4️⃣ :Family & childhood
Fifth House 5️⃣ : Expression & creativity
Sixth House 6️⃣ : Work & health
Seventh House 7️⃣ : Long-term partnerships
Eighth House 8️⃣ : Change & sexuality
Ninth House 9️⃣ : Belief & spirituality
Tenth House 🔟 : Careers
Eleventh House 1️⃣1️⃣ : Dreams & ambitions
Twelfth House 1️⃣2️⃣ : Private life & karmic energy


We made it. Like I said earlier, even with all of this information, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to astrology. Some of us only want to know these basic things, but others will desire to know every aspect of our universe possible!

I encourage everyone to research their own birth chart!

Dive deep into who you are. 

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