The Altar

The Altar

Merry Meet, Magickal Ones!

To me, one of the most crucial things a practicing witch should have is an altar or a sacred space. It’s a safe space that you have set aside specifically for your practice & your craft. It’s a place where you feel most in-tune with yourself & your magic. This could be the top of your dresser, a few shelves on the bookcase, or even the dining room hutch; the possibilities are seriously endless. 

As I’ve said a few times before, there is no right or a wrong way to do this. Setting up this space for yourself should be a reflection of you & what you feel. Your space can be as elaborate, or as simple as you want it to be. 

Now, with that being said, below is a list of things that you might want to include in your own space!

Altar Cloth :

Black or Purple are the typical colors used, but choose a cloth that resonates with you!

A Window :

While this is not at all necessary, setting up your space near a window allows you to more easily connect with the elements! Opening up the window to allow a cool breeze to flow through you space could do wonders.

Candles :

Because no space is complete without them! Use them for spell work, or during a ritual, or you can simply burn them to enhance the ambiance of your space.

Cleansing Tool :

This could be a sage bundle, palo santo, or incense. Hell, use all three! Use these as a way to help cleanse your space of any negative energy.


The options will be never-ending! But choosing crystals such as Amethyst & Clear Quartz to assist in raising the vibration of your space & bringing in those good energies can elevate your practice!

Divination Tool :

Tarot or Oracle decks are usually the popular choice, but you could use a pendulum or runes as well

Elemental Representations :

Air (East) - Bell, Feather, Butterflies, Incense, Sage, Windchimes

Earth (North) - Crystals, Salt, Herbs/Flowers, Dirt, or even Wood

Water (West) - Seashells, Chalice, Water Bowl

Fire (South) - Candle, Athame, Sun

Essential Oils :

Oils have a ton of magical uses as well as practical uses! Anoint your candles, assist in your meditation, even use them to massage your body.

Herbs :

Just like essential oils, plants & herbs can be used in so many ways! You could burn them, or infuse them into your tea, or you could even decorate your space with dried or fresh flowers you are drawn to.

God/Goddess :

Working or worshiping with the divine is not required for your practice! However, should you choose to incorporate this, you can use printed photos, statutes, oracle cards, or any other creative representation of them. An offering bowl is also a recommended item to place near their representations. 

Remember, this space is sacred to you, and you alone! If you have special possessions that hold a specific meaning to you, place it on your altar! Photographs, trinkets, mementos... use it! It may not make sense to others as to why it’s there, but these items aren’t there for anyone else.

Create your magic. 🌙

Photo Credit:
Photographer: Elena Mozhvilo
Published : October 8, 2020

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