The Moon

The Moon

Merry Meet, my Magickal Ones.

The Moon.

There’s just something about her, right?

Think about it. She’s full of magic, she’s super mysterious, & even kind of spooky. There have been songs and stories written about this object in our sky for years & years. It should be no surprise that the Moon has been lending her magick to witches for just at long.

So, why is the Moon so important? Well, just as the gravitational pull of the Moon can control the tides of the ocean, she also influences the tides within each one of us. As she travels through the sky, she changes. She goes through phases. Through each phase she shows us, she gives off a different energy. Learning to harness those specific energies is the first step in making magic with the Moon.

Honestly, even being aware of the Moon as she moves through the sky is magickal in itself. Go outside. Say hello. Soak up her light & energy. It can be that simple! Observing the Moon’s magick is a very personal experience.

How does the energy feel to you?
What emotions did you have that day?

This is an important thing to pay attention to.

Let’s get into the magick of her phases!

New Moon

This marks the beginning of the cycle! So, because of that, you want to harness this energy anytime you are beginning anything new. New projects. New intentions. New paths. New plans. Anything you wish to grow & manifest during the lunar cycle. 

Waxing Crescent

This is the first phase as the illumination of the Moon increases. Like the New Moon, this is also the perfect energy for beginning things & nurturing new ventures. You can also boost spells you began during the New Moon to strengthen them.

Waxing Gibbous

This starts when the illumination passes the perfect semi circle stage, & will last until the next phase. The growing illumination signifies that you should more easily. This is best for magick really focused on growth. Give a boost to projects that may be at a halt, or are just about to climb up that final hill.

Full Moon

Any magick is fair game at this phase! Anything that needs a serious kick of energy! Bring things into fruition, whether it’s a long term project, or something you began at the New Moon. Dream work is also particularly powerful at this time, so be sure to grab your journals! This is also a great time to consecrate your divination tools, your crystals, & even your moon water!

Waning Gibbous

As the illumination begins to face, that is when this phase begins. Now our magick turns to reducing, decreasing, or removing. If you have something you need to let go of, now is the time to do so. Now is the time to say goodbye. Slow removals are also recommended when it comes to things that need to take time to adjust to. You can give things that first initial shove. 

Waning Crescent

The final part of the cycle. Now the energy will begin to build again. The energy becomes more internal, like you can feel it deep in your bones. Now is the time to work on spirit communication. Work with your ancestors & your guides. Now is also the time to use that final push to finally end things.

Don’t be overwhelmed!

I know all this information seems like a lot. Start your journey by simply spending some time outside. Begin acknowledging how you feel during each phase.

Don’t forget to check back & make note of what energies you could harness!

Until next time! 🌙

Photo Credit:
Photographer: Sanni Sahil
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