Types of Magick

Types of Magick

Merry Meet, my Magickal Ones.

Magick can be described as a ‘chain of practices that run from small informal acts to the large-scale events that occur in sacred places’.

So, our modern magick involves behavior, actions, & various methods as a means to collaborate with the supernatural world. This typically involves a secret body of knowledge, but let’s face it, the boundaries of magic can be fickle. It evokes a certain change in our physical world, and can often be associated with spiritual change.

As I’ve stated before, the list you will find below contains only a fraction of all the possible categories you could discover.

  1. Ceremonial
    Also called High Magick, this relies heavily on learning & studying precise & complicated rituals involving intricate sets of correspondences. It is meant to have a more spiritual purpose as opposed to a practical one. We’re talking about improving the soul, gaining divine knowledge, & embracing one's destiny.
  1. Folk
    Also known as Low Magick, it involves everything practical: healing, luck, love, spell casting, & even banishing evil forces. Even more practical, the tools typically involve everyday items such as plants, coins, nails, wood, etc. 
  1. White
    This is the magick of good intentions & is often called a selfless practice. There will never be harm to anyone or anything, all practices will be for the betterment & benefit of others.
  1. Grey
    Very much a neural practice, this magick isn’t motivated by any specific reason or benefit. As the name suggests, this practice falls in between white & black magic. It’s meant to stomp out negative forces, but also reaping the benefits.
  1. Witchcraft
    Most people view this as low magick as it can often deal with practical matters, however there is a bit of controversy due to the use of the word in today's society versus how it was used throughout history. Historically speaking, witchcraft meant malevolent magick, which is why those thought to be witches were persecuted while the white folk magicians were valued members of society. These days, witches use common materials and focus on emotions & intent rather than performing a specific ritual.

Of course, the list can continue on & on from Elemental Magick to Candle Magick, and even Chaos Magick to Sex Magick. Many types can stem from specific cultures & societies, as well as certain time periods.
But let’s be real…

Magick has been around since the very beginning.

Until next time! 🌙

Photo Credit:
Photographer: Elena Mozhvilo
September 25, 2020

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