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Crow Tarot

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Paying homage to the mystical energy of crows and ravens, Crow Tarot invites us to fly through the veil and connect with our intuitive powers. This artfully created 78-card deck is infused with the familiar symbolism of the traditional Rider-Waite® Tarot, making it ideal for both beginners and professional readers. The 88-page guidebook presents upright and reversed meanings and includes a custom Crow Tarot Spread.

78 cards measure: 3.125" x 5" ; Box measures: 3.5" x 5.25"

MJ Cullinane

Customer Reviews

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Crow Tarot flies above expectations!

I have always had an affinity for crows, so I knew I was buying this deck as soon as I saw it available, but I was not prepared for how BEAUTIFUL it is!
Each card is beautifully designed and is a literal work of art; I wish I had poster sized prints. The back of each card has a repeating feather design that isn't either too stylized or plain.
The cards are big enough to see the detail without being too much to shuffle comfortably. The cardstock is sturdy while still being thin and resists bending and folding, even with clumsy hands.
The symbolism is unique and great for drawing your own intuitive conclusions without losing the symbols for "traditional" interpretation. I am amazed every time I pull a card, even after working with it for months. You will not regret getting this deck.